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Coastal Living Requires Coastal Insurance Expertise

You worked hard to build your dreams with your family and friends to enjoy the finer things in life. Be it the home or business you worked hard to build or buy, the boat you take out on Saturdays or the car reserved solely for Sunday afternoon drives,  the unthinkable can happen – flood, fire, accident – Banks Channel provides protection for your assets so you can relax while the breeze blows through your hair. Talk to one of our agents today.
Banks Channel gives you peace of mind with premier risk management solutions for auto, home, boat, and high net worth protection.
Get a quote on our risk management services and policies custom designed to fit your needs. Net worth and valuables are just that – valuable. A one-size-fits-all, out of the box insurance plan will leave you under-insured when you need it most. Peace of mind is just a phone call away.

Insurance Services

Auto Insurance

Daily driver or a rare find, you want the absolute best protection for four wheels. Get protection for everyday vehicles, luxury cars, antique motor vehicles and more, all on one policy. Better yet, protect yourself and others in case of an accident. Don’t risk your personal assets due to an accident that injures others. Get strengthened liability coverage built into your already quality coverage.


High Value Insurance

For the ultimate peace of mind, choose Banks Channel for your high net worth insurance. Uniquely designed to fit your lifestyle and protect you and your family, this is the ultimate risk management solution for affluent families and individuals. Don’t change the way you live because of an accident, simply change your policy to one that works for you, day in and day out.


Homeowners Insurance

Your home is unique – one of a kind – and you earned it the old fashioned way. But what if you were to come home and find it destroyed by fire or flood? You’d need to be prepared to start over and rebuild, the costs of which could be very high. Many high-value homes are underinsured. As a result, when disaster strikes, it often leaves homeowners in a financial shortfall.


Boat & Marine Insurance

From small boats to sailboats to yachts, you need coverage that goes with the flow. Boat and marine insurance at Banks Channel is designed to live up to the lifestyle here on the coast. Plus, you shouldn’t have to have separate policies apart from your home and auto. Protect your watercraft the people on board and your fishing gear with just one plan that meets all your needs.


Brokers and Carriers

Banks Channel works with the most esteemed names in insurance that protect high net worth individuals along with homes, vehicles, jewelry, and other valuables. Our network of brokers and carriers include: