At Banks Channel, we work hard to make sure your hard work pays off. Our team strategizes with you to design risk management solutions for your personal situation. Living in one of the most beautiful and unique coastal areas in the country brings specific insurance risks. Our lineup of carriers features companies who understand how to protect your assets. From high-value homes to houseboats, we’re with you every mile, every wave, every day.

Auto Insurance

Over the road or in the garage – accidents can happen anywhere. That’s why we want to help you protect your everyday vehicle and the one (or three) you stowaway for special occasions. But, it’s more than that. Auto insurance has two parts – protecting the car and protecting the person behind the wheel. Banks Channel helps you manage both liability coverage as well as protection for the car itself. There are no one-size-fits all policies here. At Banks Channel, we examine a variety of personal factors to come up with our competitive rates and coverage.

You may think you have more than enough auto coverage, but the perfect storm can find you unprepared and under-insured. Let’s say you have two teenaged drivers in your household, who each drive vehicles owned and insured by you. If your teenager allows their friend to drive, and that friend ends up in an accident, the insurance coverage will still be your responsibility. The state’s minimum liability limits could bankrupt a family, unprepared for the worst case scenario.

With Banks Channel, we compare auto coverage from our carriers to provide you with the right coverage at the best possible price, quality and service. Our risk management carriers have excellent claims service departments and Banks Channel is readily available to advocate on your behalf.

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High Value Insurance

You and your family have significant assets, you need coverage structured for your household rather than the typical prepackaged insurance plans, a risk management solution that is tailored for you is why we offer concierge level service with the best coverage that designed to fit your lifestyle. This added layer of protection provides additional coverage not accessible through ordinary insurance plans. We strive to ensure you have the necessary excess liability – better known as umbrella coverage – to cover all of your assets. From identity theft protection, and even kidnap and ransom, our team has the experience to manage comprehensive high net worth accounts.

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Homeowners Insurance

Your home is unique – one of a kind – and you earned it the old fashioned way. What if you were to come home and find it destroyed by fire or flood? You’d need to be prepared to start over and rebuild, the costs of which could be very high. Many high-value homes are under-insured or over-insured. As a result, when disaster strikes, potentially leaving homeowners with a financial shortfall. Banks Channel doesn’t want you to face such an unfortunate circumstance. Let us assist you in finding the right coverage for your needs.

Whether your home is your primary residence, a vacation home or rental property, we can provide the right coverage for the right risks. Whether it’s a condo on the beach or a $10 million oceanfront property, we have the coverage options and expertise you need.

The key is to determine the type of homeowners coverage you need for your coastal home and determine a personal liability coverage for your needs. Do you need protection from storms, fire, or wind and flood? What does the correct coverage look like? We can show you how and at a competitive cost. We can write “all in” policies and do not have to use the NCJUA. Let us explain the ins and outs of these specific coverage options and tailor a plan that makes sense for all of your homes, including your primary, rental, and vacation houses. We can provide the right coverage for your risks.

Don’t delay. Let us be your first line of defense for your residences.

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Boat & Marine Insurance

Living in a coastal state has its perks, many of which include taking advantage of the wide-open waters. We insure boats big and small, close to home or far away. This includes jet skis, center consoles, collectibles, and large vessels. If you have a sailboat, yacht, houseboat, or another type of marine vehicle, Banks Channel is here to keep your craft covered. Our risk management plans apply to personal, commercial, or charter use and include liability, injury to a person, or damage to the boat itself.

Ensure smooth sailing with Banks Channel.

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