Coastal Living Requires Coastal Insurance Expertise

A proactive approach for risk management

Unique assets require unique coverage, something you can’t get from conventional insurance policies. Our clients benefit from sophisticated risk management solutions that cover everything from homes, automobiles, watercraft, and all the people who enjoy them. We are committed to assessing, managing, and proactively reducing the risk for individuals with significant assets to protect. Many national insurance companies do not insure homes near the coast. Our lineup features companies that specialize in these coastal risks. It is important to work with an agent who understands how to coordinate coverage to protect your assets. We do not just let your policy renew every year, we review your account and welcome a chance to address any changes needed.

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Keeping your dreams afloat

You worked hard to get where you are – living with your family in a beautiful home on the coast of North Carolina and unwinding on the water has become a weekend tradition. While you’re busy living the dream, we’re busy protecting it with a policy designed to meet your unique needs with the proper amount of coverage. At Banks Channel, our team tailors risk management plans to our clients’ needs and we will be your biggest advocates in the event of an accident.

Quality Carriers

Our lineup of carriers is just as impressive as our range of risk management solutions. Our network includes many of the most well-managed firms with impressive financial strength. Proactively planning with these professionals means you’re better protecting your property from loss or damage. Our network includes highly-rated companies, like:


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